“Foundations was a reset for me, a true heart and mind transformation. I hadn’t felt God’s presence for quite some time, and through the teachings, I was able to reconnect with Father God.  My mind was cluttered from the cares of life and Foundations helped me re-focus on what truly matters. I learned how to get quiet, listen and journal with the Father. My thoughts are different. My actions are different and my motives are different. I am truly thankful for this experience.”

— Chad Balistreri

“One thing I loved about Foundations was the community aspect. It was so healing for me to experience deeper transformation and inner healing with such a loving, accepting and supportive group.  It was amazing each week seeing how Jesus touched our hearts uniquely. It didn’t matter if I was already familiar with a topic or teaching- the Lord moved powerfully and gave me fresh insight, deeper revelation and greater healing in different areas of my life and heart. The time spent in Foundations was such a gift to me.”

— Laura Casey

“Everyone says that FOUNDATIONS is ‘life changing’, and in my experience, it was! Not only that, it changed my relationships. Most importantly, my relationship with the Father, but also with my family, my co-workers and surprisingly, myself.  While I was initially reluctant to attend, it was definitely the best investment I’ve made.  Worth EVERY moment!”

— Lori Brewington

“Foundations was a life changing experience for me. The teachings and experiences I had over the 16 weeks were so much deeper and impactful than doing life by myself. The teachers were incredible, and they really showed the heart of God and gave the tools needed for a victorious life with God. They were kind and patient to answer all questions in a loving way. I learned more about the true nature of God, that He is always speaking, that He is always love, and how my identity is found in Him. After Foundations I feel I can see the Father more clearly, but I also feel more free in who the Father says I am.”

— Ryan Rick

“Growing up in church I’ve learned a lot over the years & I’ve tried my best to live out what I’ve learned, but FOUNDATIONS has taken the truths that I’ve already learned & amplified them. On top of that, I’ve learned so many more truths & practical applications to my day to day life that are teaching me to be so much more like my Jesus that I so love. I completely recommend FOUNDATIONS to anyone & everyone. It’s an amazing atmosphere where we can all build our relationship with God while growing in a community of people who are going after the same thing.”

– Sarah Bell

“For 9 years I had hungered at the core of my being for something like FOUNDATIONS, but it was simply not available anywhere within my reach. FOUNDATIONS provides a safe, nurturing & growing atmosphere where I’m learning to experience the more of God. Through FOUNDATIONS, God has drawn me into a greater intimacy with Him. Out of this intimacy, I have been receiving healing & freedom for things experienced from birth to present. I have experienced His love, acceptance, empowerment & passion for me to succeed at whole new levels & am learning to go deeper, as a son of His, into the awesome future He has for me. I am so grateful for FOUNDATIONS & that there is always more!”

– Larry Mileur

“We have been so blessed to be able to participate in FOUNDATIONS. Our lives were transformed after only two or three weeks of this course. Throughout the duration of the class we were challenged to mature in an accelerated manner & allow the love of the Almighty God to radiate from the depths of our soul. We now stand on a firm foundation that is unbreakable. It has been so enriching that we would not hesitate to take this journey again.”

– Chris & Dione Denson