FOUNDATIONS ONE is a 16-week transformative discipleship school designed for you to encounter the living God & to equip you into a life that is founded on the presence, person & practices of Jesus.

This course is designed as an intensive training that immerses you into a kingdom culture where you will experience accelerated growth, without uprooting you from the duties & responsibilities of everyday life. FOUNDATIONS ONE will meet every Monday & Tuesday evening (two nights a week) from 6:00 pm – 9:15 pm between August 1 & November 15, 2022. Each week will consist of five teaching & activation sessions & breakout groups. FOUNDATIONS students will experience instructional teaching as well as hands-on practical training from members of the Be Love Company leadership team as well as a variety of guest speakers.


Graduates of Foundations can expect to be equipped to live a lifestyle of:

– Hearing God’s Voice

– Growing and maturing in sonship

– Renewing the mind

– Living a lifestyle of Honor

– Navigating healthy boundaries

– Much more!


March 1 – Applications open

June 30 – Applications close


August 1 & 2 – Week 1

August 8 & 9 – Week 2

August 15 & 16 – Week 3

August 22 & 23 – Week 4

August 29 & 30 – Week 5

September 6 & 7 | (Tuesday & Wednesday classes due to Labor Day) – Week 6

September 12 & 13 – Week 7

September 19 & 20 – Week 8

September 26 & 27 – Week 9

October 3 & 4 – Week 10

October 10 & 11 – Week 11

October 17 & 18 – Week 12

October 24 & 25 – Week 13

October 31 & November 1 – Week 14

November 7 & 8 – Week 15

November 14 & 15 – Week 16


The full cost to attend FOUNDATIONS ONE is $1,250 per individual. However, for those who apply early, choose the early bird pricing option, & are members of Be Love Company, you can attend FOUNDATIONS ONE for a discounted price of $625! For further information regarding finances, please see the cost breakdown below.

FULL PAYMENT ($1,000):
  • $25 nonrefundable application fee
  • $225 nonrefundable deposit due within three weeks of acceptance to the school
  • $375 installment due by July 31, 2022
  • $375 installment due by September 19, 2022
  • $25 nonrefundable application fee
  • $225 nonrefundable deposit due within three weeks of acceptance to the school
  • $500 remaining balance due by July 31, 2022
  • All applications submitted prior to March 31, 2022 will have the $25 application fee waived.
  • $225 nonrefundable deposit due within three weeks of acceptance to the school
  • $750 remaining balance due by July 31, 2022
  • Past alumni who would like to attend the school for a second time can do so at a significantly reduced price.
  • $25 nonrefundable application fee
  • $225 nonrefundable deposit
  • $150 due by July 31, 2022 

A 10% ($100) discount will be applied for all those who have chosen to become members of Be Love Company by attending the Belong Membership Class & adhering to the Be Love Co. membership agreement. Membership discounts will be applied to your tuition once we have received your $225 nonrefundable deposit. Pricing for Be Love Co. members can be found below. 
  • Full Payment for Be Love Co. Members: $900
  • Early Bird Rate for Be Love Co. Members: $650
  • Early Bird Rate + Early Application Discount for Be Love Co. Members: $625


In order for our students to get the most of of FOUNDATIONS ONE & to qualify for completion of the course, certain requirements must be met. These requirements are as follows:

  • FOUNDATIONS participants must be at least 18 years of age or have a high school diploma/ GED.
  • FOUNDATIONS participants must adhere to all the aforementioned financial requirements.
  • FOUNDATIONS participants must completed & submit an application with the time permitted (Applications for the 2022 school year will close at end-of-day, June 30th).
  • FOUNDATIONS participants must be able to attend orientation, scheduled for Sunday, July 31 at 12:00 pm (no absences permitted).
  • FOUNDATIONS participants are required to attend all classes. Each participants is allowed a total of four days worth of absences throughout the duration of the course. However, these absences may not be used during the first week of the school (August 1 & 2) as this week lays the foundation, framework, & core values of the school.
  • FOUNDATIONS participants are required to complete all homework assignments.

***Failure to comply with the stated requirements may result in early dismissal from the program without refund. Please make sure you can fully commit to the course prior to application.


Will childcare be provided?

As of now, childcare will not be provided. If the request & need for childcare increases we will look at the addition of childcare to the school.

Are there any hidden costs, or does the $1,000 tuition cover everything?

The $1,000 covers all costs with the exception of personal writing materials (pens, pencils, highlighters, etc). Later into the semester there will be opportunity for you to purchase a class sweatshirt for those who are interested.

I'd like to attend the school but have a family vacation during that time. Am I allowed to miss any classes?

Students are expected to attend all FOUNDATIONS classes. However, we understand that life happens, & sometimes unexpectedly, so we have allowed for each individual to miss up to four days & still be able to complete the course. However, no absences are allowed during orientation or the first two weeks of classes (Please see the above schedule for specific dates). 

Do I have to be a member of Be Love Company in order to attend FOUNDATIONS?

No, you are not required to be a member of Be Love Company in order to attend FOUNDATIONS. We would love for you to join us at our weekly services, especially during the duration of the school, but if you are already a member of another church &/or are actively plugged in elsewhere, that is absolutely acceptable & celebrated! However, if you are not regularly attending a local church currently, we do ask that you do so during the duration of the school & invite you to do so at Be Love Company! 

Can I visit FOUNDATIONS to see what it is like?

Yes, you can! If you’d like to join us for a day to see what it’s like at FOUNDATIONS, you can fill out a Visitor Request Form. These forms can be found at our webpage, & will only be available when school is active & in session. 

***Have more questions about FOUNDATIONS? Reach out to us at & we will get back with you shortly.